Principal Desk

Welcome to the (GEMS) Global English Medium School & Junior College of Arts, Commerce & Science. I am delighted to be the inaugural Principal here at (GEMS) Global English medium School.

It is both an exciting and challenging time as we all commence this educational journey together. The sense of community spirit at Global English Medium School will be an extremely important in our formative years and a very strong feature of the school’s establishing culture in the months and years to come. Growth of the school will be rapid, with early indications that the school will grow to 800 students in a only few years. It will be the aim of all staff to help the children settle into their new school community and build those skills, attitudes and values they will need to fully participate in the rich educational life our school will offer. School will be committed to the academic and personal growth of every student.

A focused curriculum, dedication to innovation and a culture of care will help us meet this commitment. Our school will be well resourced in the Essential Learning Standards. Great emphasis is placed on the foundation learning areas of English and Math’s, where we will help each child reach their maximum potential.