Other Facility

  • Mess

The School has Mess Facility for the Students living in Hostel with Hygienic and Healthy food which make them feel like Home. As healthy food is the key of healthy mind and when mind is healthy students can concentrate on their studies and other academic activities, this objective is being fulfilled by the Hostel Mess having 200 students. 

Mess Menu

  • In the Hostel Mess we provides nutritious and hygienic food. Breakfast: Dalia, Paratha, Bread-jam, Sand-witch, Butter-toast, Tea, Milk etc. daily.
  • Lunch: In lunch we serve Dal, Sabji, Roti, Salad, Rice, Dahi, Milk, etc. with biweekly rotated menu.
  • Dinner: In Dinner we serve Dal, Sabji, Roti, Salad, Rice, Dahi, Sweet dish, Milk, etc. with bi-weekly rotated menu.
  • Medical Facility

If the students face any health issues, Doctors, General Physician, Dermatologist etc. are available in the near by vicinity.Students go through regular medical check-ups.Parents are requested to submit the prescriptions to the rectors at the time of admission.Every student is assigned a Health Card which acts as a complete health record of the students.

  • Counselor

We provide Professional Psychologists who visit the school every week. Listen to students’ concerns about academic, emotional or social problems.Students are counseled , motivated, guided and go through various group counselling, medicine, individual counseling sessions, etc. This helps us maintain positivity among students.Help students to process their problems and plan goals and action.

  • Laundry

The school has an in-house laundry facility. Students’ clothes, bedsheets, ,etc are washed regularly and ironed. Students from VI Grade onwords need to wash their undergarments.

  • Saloon

Every month students visit the saloon and have a haircut with complete hygiene under the guidance of concerned warden.